Q: What do you get when you bring together an actor, musician and painter?

A. The work of Bianca Janine Pettis of course!

Bianca Pettis explores artistic mediums. In her lifetime she's been a professional actress, performance artist and playwright. Since 2003 she’s collaborated with her husband Jacob Roske in the sound art duo Beatrix*Jar.

Beatrix*Jar is known for spreading the good word of DIY electronics with hands-on Circuit Bending workshops and lively sound collage performances. The duo toured actively for many years and was featured at venues like the ICA Boston, Andy Warhol Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and the Walker Art Center to name a few.

Pettis returned to school in 2014 to complete an MFA in Art at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) where her latest artistic explorations have taken her to the quiet, introspective world of painting. Inspired by many years of performing in front of audiences, her colorful large-scale paintings share the perspective of audience and performer.